Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glee: Second verse, same as the first

So we had another episode dedicated to looking to the future, gag me.

Kurt and Blaine get in a fight, because Kurt is feeling distant from Blaine, and so doesn’t immediately put the kibosh on the flirty texts psycho boy from the music store was sending him.  Blaine sees said texts, gets all pissy, they fight, and then Emma, who is self-proclaimed to be not qualified for couples counseling, manages to get them back together with terrible advice.

Of course, at the same time, Will and Emma decide to get the wedding planning in full gear, and have ALSO decided to push it up to May.  Why, you ask?  Because Will is afraid the kids won’t come back if they have it in September.  They manage to hash that out in approximately two minutes, so another pointless plot arc is wrapped up with a cute little bow.

Oh oh OH!  Rachel and Santana decide to be friends, because they sang together or some such nonsense.  As if they hadn’t before, or won’t again.  And I’m sure they’ll be right back to where they were before come next episode, cause what is Glee if not a character development blank slate.

Finally, I just want to say how impressed I am with Brittany’s dancing.  I know Heather Mills was originally brought onto the show for choreography and background dance work, but dang does she bring it when given the chance.

This week’s episode was brought to you by Whitney Houston, whose song were tortured and decimated beyond all recognition.

How Will I know” as sung by Mercedes, Santana, Rachel, and Kurt
I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ as sung by Brittany
Saving All My Love for You’ as sung by Quinn and Dreds
So Emotional’ as sung by Rachel and Santana
It’s Not Right but It’s Okay’ as sung by Blaine
I Have Nothing’ as sung by Kurt

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