Monday, April 30, 2012

Excel and you: Tips and Tricks for everyday use

I thought today I’d throw out a few little tips today, cause there is soooo much you can do with Excel!

Tip one:  Have you ever done a bunch of data entry, and wanted to check your work, but it took way too long?
Excel will read the contents of your cells, if you have the button, and I know where it is!
Go to the file menu, and click on Excel Options
Click on the customize option, and then on the drop down menu ‘Choose commands from’
Choose the Commands not on the ribbon, and choose ‘Speak Cells.’
Excel will then read the content of your cells out loud when you push the button!  It’s basically the most awesome thing ever.

Tip two: So, you have a first name in one cell, and a last name in a second cell, but you want them in the same cell.  How can you go about doing that?
Simply put, concatenate.
If you put =concatenate(cell1,” “,cell2), they will come together with a lovely space between them!
Or, say you want to put a constant in front of a column of data.
Just put =concatenate(“constant info”,cell1)
It is basically the best thing ever.

Tip three: If you are using a formula, and you forgot which number does what, click on the fx button by the formula bar, and you’ll have a quick and dirty help box pop up, with descriptions and function helps.  It’s super awesome fun times!

Tip four:  Want to manually adjust your print page? Click on the page break preview button on the bottom of your screen! 
And now, Visual Aids for your viewing pleasure!

If you have any things you want to be faster when you work in Excel, let me know in the comments, and I may be able to come up with a trick for you on my next Excel and You!

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