Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Melissa meets boy: Mr. Squirrels in da house!

This week, I was going to talk about all the secondary characters, but one really stood out:

Eric Matthews.

In the first two seasons, he was 100% normal.  As Cory’s older brother, he did all the things a typical older brother does-tease Cory relentlessly, go on dates, and occasionally go on dates.  And no, that is not me losing my mind, Eric had a new crush just about every single episode, from random girl, to random other girl, to Kari Russel, Eric dated them all.  He, along with his best friend Jason Marsden, had many b-plots during this time, though James Marsden mysteriously vanished after the second season.

However, in the third season, Eric started to change as a character.  I think it was around the time of the Disney trip, when Eric made a life-size doll of Cory to fake out Cory’s teachers, that Eric really jumped headlong onto the crazy-train.

Eric, during that period, went from average older brother to kinda dumb older brother.  He nearly didn’t graduate high school, and then didn’t get into college, forcing him to lounge around the house all day, leading to another of my favorite moments.

Once Eric got to college, he got dumber, and dumber, and dumber.  However, he got funnier and funnier and funnier at the same time, so it worked out really well!  Eric is probably my favorite character from Boy Meets World, while he was REALLY dumb,you knew he cared for his family, and was generally a kind-hearted soul.

Eric had many many many misadventures, really to numerous to count.  So, I leave you with, the best of Eric Matthews

Next week, the rest of the secondary characters, I promise!

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