Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glee: Yawnfest

This week was quite possibly the lamest episode of Glee ever.  There was no plot development, and the songs were either a) terrible, or b)sung terribly.

Mr. Shue decided that Finn, Santana, and Mercedes were directionless for their future following high school, so he rigged a dance contest to have them win, and pulled them all into his office. 

“You must find future,” he cavemanned at them, “and must use song from Saturday Night Fever to do it.”

I was entirely bored throughout this entire episode, even the B-plot was lame.  Random Vocal Adrenaline kid stalks Kirk and Mercedes, says he is their biggest fan, and oh, hey, should I wear a dress in our regional contest?  Oh, I may have forgotten to mention, random kid?  Was a boy. 

HOWEVER…I haven’t looked this actor up, but he didn’t look terribly masculine to begin with, to me.  Honestly, the biggest surprise out of that arc was the surprise on Kirk and Mercedes’ faces when he/she rocked it in the end.  I’m pretty sure anyone with half a brain could have seen this person would rick it as a girl, actual gender notwithstanding.

And then Finn, Santana, and Mercedes found their future and lived happily ever after the end.  Yawn.

Let’s see, what else…

There was a bit of self-deprecating humor, mostly from Sue, regarding the neatly tied up endings most arc have in their lives.  The really only laugh-out-loud piece for me was Mr. Shue’s scale model glee diorama with the kids faces pasted on little mannequins.

H/T Dance Yrself Clean

Songs today included

You Should be Dancing’ as sung by Blaine with Brittany and Mike
Night Fever’ as sung by all
Disco Inferno’ as sung by Mercedes
If I can’t have you’ as sung by Santana
How Deep is Your Love?’ as sung by Rachel
Bogie Shoes’ as sung by Vocal Adrenaline
More than a Woman’ as sung by Finn et al
Stayin’ Alive’ as sung by all

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