Monday, June 11, 2012

Today in music history: 1989

As we look back today, we find the proto-boy band, with:

"I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" by New Kids on the Block

So I know tons of people really *heart* this band, but this is a terrible song.  The falsetto is done terribly, the rest of the guys do little to nothing, and the verses are as lame as the guys' ducktail haircuts.

The video, though, did have me laughing out loud.  So, to visualize their song, NKOTB decided to show them playing basketball...minus a hoop.  Then they showed off their pool shark ways to girls who clearly could care less.  And then, when they weren't singing this song on a stage, they showed concert footage from a song that was obviously a more upbeat song.

ALSO: Donnie clearly does not give a crap, as all he wanted to do was eat through the whole thing, first a sandwich, then some kind of drink, then he got pizza for everyone.  I loled.

So what did you think of this one?

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