Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top 10: TGIF!

And we’re back, with another top 10!  This week, I’m going to look at my favorite shows on ABC’s TGIF lineup.

Started in 1989, the original run of TGIF lasted until 2000.  There were quite a few one season or less shows I don’t really remember, but there were also a bunch that lasted for quite a few seasons.

No honorable mentions this week, since the one I remember outside of my top 10 I didn’t like.

So, to start things off…



Yes. This was based off the movie, and it was pretty fun.  Alicia Silverstone didn’t return, in favor of the blond girl from Are You Afraid of the Dark, but Brittany Murphy and Stacey Dash came back, as well as several of the teachers and family.  This was kind of brainless fun.  It was “White Girl Problems” before that was a thing, but you didn’t hate Cher for it, it was just how she was raised.


Teen Angel

Marty and Steve were best friends, until Marty ate a six month old cheese burger from under Steve’s bed.  Now Marty’s dead, and…they’re still best friends because Marty is Steve’s guardian angel.  Weird premise, but it was to go along with the supernatural theme of the week, apparently.  This was another throwaway show, as it barely lasted a season, but it has stuck in my mind all these years, so who knows?


Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper

This was about a teacher/basketball coach at a school in Ohio.  I don’t remember too many of the details of this one, but I do remember enjoying it, and watching Lori Beth Dinberg outside of her All That confines.  It was apparently on for five seasons, who knew?


Step By Step

Ahh, the Lamert/Foster family.  A new retelling of the Brady Bunch story, Carol Foster, with her three kids, and Frank Lambert, with his three, get married, and the families combine in some interesting ways.  Dana and JT hate each other, Karen tries to get Al to be more girlie, and the two younger boys tried to get noticed.  It was a fun show, even if it did try too hard some times *cough*Cody*cough*


Sister Sister

Tia and Tamara Mowry starred as…wait for it…twins.  Yeah, surprise surprise.  They were separated at birth, and discover each other in the mall.  Typical twin shenanigans followed, though the girls definitely had their own things at the same time.  The show actually only lasted two seasons on TGIF, but had an additional four on The WB.


Full House

Who doesn’t love the Tanners?  Danny, Uncle Jesse, Joey, DJ, Steph and Michelle were a constant in my TV lineup, even after the show was cancelled due to all the syndication deals it has.  Terribly saccharine, this show really knew how to try to get a person to feel for the characters.  That isn’t to say they were successful all, or even most of the time, but they tried, gosh darn it, and we like them for it.



Yes, the show that made ‘Not the Mama’ popular.  This was a live action show, all the characters were giant costumes that the puppeteers wore, and voices were dubbed in.  It was a silly, fun little show that ended with the dad ending the world.  Happy time for all! 


Family Matters

“Did I do thaaaaaat?”  A common refrain heard ever Friday night, when Steve Urkel did something stupid.  This was a great show, and even though it was a comedy, the characters learned, and grew.  I don’t think many people know this:  Steve and Laura get married in the end.  Yes, Steve.  And Laura.  Not Stephon, not geeky Laura, but Steve and Laura.  This show, along with character development, was exceptionally whacky, mostly due to Steve and his crazy inventions.  We loved him for it though, and the show was great because of him.  Though the whole, ‘trying to make Jaleel White look cool’ failed every time, cause he is one weird looking dude.


Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

Another terribly fun show.  At least this one didn’t try to be based in reality with it’s whackiness.  Everyone rooted for Sabrina and Harvey to get together, and they eventually did…in the series finale on another network.  The situations were almost always enjoyable, and even if they did change the rules approximately three times an episode, it was still a good show, and one that stands the test of time, even if it’s fashions don’t.

And the number one show is…


Boy Meets World

Another top pick I’m sure no one is surprised over.  I love this show so much.  The characters are fantastic, the situations, for the most part, are based in reality, and feel as though they are handled in a way that is, if not how normal people would handle them, at least done in the way we would expect the characters to deal with them.  Cory and Topanga 4eva!

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