Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 5

Now that we’ve finished season four, and junior year, we move onto senior year, and lots of changes for our main group, and Eric.

Cory and Topanga move forward in their relationship, only to hit the massive iceberg Lauren(boo hiss).  Will they reconcile in time for prom?  Of course, but what happens when they have to make the decision to affect the rest of their lives?

Cory and Shawn, on the other hand, don’t move their friendship forward, and they are okay with that.  They are each other’s constant, and only fight when one or the other feels their friendship is threatened.  Shawn felt that way a few times this season, first, when Cory was looking at colleges Shawn couldn’t get into, then when Cory almost broke Coryandtopanga apart.

Eric had the most changes through the season.  He moved out of his parents house, and into an apartment with two new roommates:  Jack, a guy remarkably similar to Eric in temperament, who just happens to be Shawn’s brother.  Oh, and Shawn moves in too.  Eric navigates his way through his first year of college, and learns a lot about himself as well, especially when he substitutes for Mr. Feeney in a citizenship class.

Shawn, when he wasn’t being friends with Cory, had a couple of major arcs this season as well.  First and foremost, he was getting to know his brother, Jack.  Jack had moved with his mother and step-father out west, and had no contact with Shawn or his bio-father until he showed up one day looking for roommates.  They have conflicts, and arguments, but they mostly gain stories.  Shawn was also finally in the mood for a long term girlfriend, and found one in the purse-girl, aka Angela Moore, the first REAL minority character in a main role on the show.  Their relationships had it’s ups and downs, but it does lead directly to one of my favorite scenes, where Cory tries and fails at being mad at Topanga.

There are many other fun moments this season, and I’ll dig a bit more into the first third next week!

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