Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bunheads:For Fanny(S1E2)

So this week on Bunheads, we jump right in where we left off:  Hubble has died, and now what? 

Fanny almost immediately begins freaking out, and starts planning a memorial for him.  It starts small, but as the episode progresses, it gets bigger and bigger until finally the plan is to rent the Intrepid(an aircraft carrier) and hold it there with 500 of Hubble’s closest friends.  So, yeah.  Off the deep end went that one, for sure.

Truly has a minor freakout as well, though she is not actually in a lot of the episode.  She basically takes over as Fanny’s surrogate daughter, and cleans the house, and organizes things, and generally is rather rude to Michelle.

Michelle, for her part, wanders around aimlessly, seeing as she had only been in town for all of a day.  She possibly steals a dog, finds a surfer bar, and finally figures out what to do: help the girls show their support of Fanny.

The girls, to back up a bit, decide to use Hubble’s death as an excuse to ditch school, and catch a movie, over Boo’s rather loud objections.  Their personalities are starting to come into focus:  Sasha’s the bitchy one, Boo’s the sensitive one, long brown hair girl is the slightly ditzy one, and Ginny is the snarky one.  I really hope they become more than one note characters, but we shall see.  They eventually take on the tutelage of Michelle, who helps them put together a dance number with the rest of their class to show their support of Fanny.

And then, we have our big reveal of the episode:  Hubble has signed over all his will…things and whatnot to Michelle.  He has left everything to her.  Fanny is not pleased.

So, this show.  It’s definitely a successor to Gilmore Girls.  Is it a good successor to Gilmore Girls?  Time will tell.  I really enjoyed this episode, though you can really tell it’s still trying to find it’s style.  It’s a fun little diversion, and I hope it gets to continue on.

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