Friday, June 8, 2012


This week we were in Atlanta for the whole two hours, and had quite a few dancers to go through, so we’ll jump right in.

Unladylike Audry:  Nigel had some tips on what NOT to say to the producers(Neck farting and elbow licking chief among them), but then she danced, and was great, and was straight on to Vegas.

Karate Boy #2: We had our second Karate Kid of the season, and this one was really trying to lay on the smarm, in hopes of getting people to like him.  Hint:  If you want people to like you, don’t emphasize how much better you are then they are.  He went through after showing off his seven days of ballet training.

Virginia Hiphop guy: This guy is a self taught hip hopper, and it showed in the relative sloppiness of his moves, but the performance was amazing, and he was straight through.

Chicken girl Britany:  She’s from a terribly small town that loves it’s chickens a bit too much.  She wanted out, and after a decent performance was sent to choreography, and subsequently to Vegas.

“Homage” guys from last year: These guys ripped off choreography from youtube in their audition last year, and came back this year to prove they were good dancers anyway.  The judges didn’t trust them, and sent them to choreography.  One of them went to Vegas, the other was cut.

There were some other performances as well, all who moved on: Boris the piano hip hopper, Joshua who sings/guitars/dances, poor dancer, Tourette’s dancer, dead mom guy, weird dancer/bacon eater Danielle, Andre red locker, Sirus the happy robot, belly dancer girl, the wobbler, girl with cute grandma, athletic guy, Angela the sexy Asian, blond top black guy, and pink streak girl.  And that doesn’t even count the twenty plus that got through on choreography.  Vegas is going to be stuffed.
Next week is Salt Lake City, so that should be fun!

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