Friday, June 15, 2012

SYTYCD: 6/13

This week we were in Salt Lake City, home of a surprising number of quality dancers.  We’ve got a bunch to get through again this week, so off we go!

Praying Mantis Boy-
This guy came to the stage in a green loincloth, with green sparklies all over.  You could tell from his pre-audition tape that he was a good dancer, so I was on pins and needles waiting to see if he did something crazy in his actual audition to get him kicked out.  And he did do something crazy!  His routine was the life cycle of a male praying mantis, but it was AWESOME!  The judges loved him, thought they did ding the choreography a bit.  They sent him to Vegas anyway, though.

Krumper girl-This girl was ridiculous.  This tiny little white girl comes out after a montage of a crapton of ballroom dancers, and tells the judges she’s going to krump.  They nearly fall out of their chairs, laughing on the inside, I’m sure, and then she starts dancing.  As Adam Shankmann said:  “Holy f**k, she’s krumping!”  She hit her beats freaking hard, and apparently had a great stank face.  She got pushed through to choreography, but had additional skills beyond krumping, and was sent to Vegas.

Sexy girl-She did “Burlesque Jazz” and oh, my God did it suck.   She was way too into herself, and the performance was one that really should have been given on a pole.  But the judges liked her, and first sent her to choreography, then to Vegas.

Leroy Martinez-From the moment he walked on stage, you knew he wasn’t going through.  A barrel chested guy is not something the people that watch this show want to see half naked.  He was mostly on to promote is Sacramento-based charity, Peacemakers, of which he acquitted himself nicely.  He then did a hip hop number that was actually pretty great.  He had a couple of flip moves that you really didn’t expect out of a guy that size, and was generally solid on the rest of his moves.  The judges put him through to choreography with the caveat that he probably wouldn’t move on, and then he didn’t, and everyone cried, the end.

There were a couple of people that don’t really warrant a full write up, but made it on.  They include: Whitney the young ballroom girl, Dee Tomasetta the Italian, Lindsey Arnold with the huge family, Poor kid from Minnesota, loads of previous season auditioners, and Adrian with the heart stampled on by Mary.

Next week, VEGAS!  Drama! Ambulances! Pleas of ‘Let me stay, I’m good I swear!,’ and 160+ crushed dreams.  Yay!

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  1. I agree with you that “sexy girl” Rachel Applehans was terrible, and frankly, there must have been another ticket they simply HAD to get rid of is all I can think of. She would have had to be up against terrible competition in choreography to get through and I STILL wish I had fast forwarded so my 13 year old son didn’t see it. All that aside, our family loves watching the show, and using my Auto Hop feature on our Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime recordings, we get to watch commercial free. That is how we get to bed early, so I can be “on my toes” for work at Dish the next day.