Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warcraft: the Scenery

Ok, I know I promised more advanced UI features this week, but I had a better idea:  fabulous screenies!

There are so many fantastic places in Warcraft, I thought I’d share some you.  WoW may not be as pretty as some of the more graphics intensive games, but what it does with what it has is simply stunning.

I’ll start with one of my favorite places in game:  Ironforge
Objects in screenshot are larger than they appear.

Home of the Dwarves, it is built right into the side of the mountain, and comes complete with a flowing molten river(not pictured).  It’s exactly what you would picture when you think of Dwarven housing, and I could just stand around here all day.

Another example of Dwarven architecture is found in the sleepy town of Thelsamar.  When I RP, this is where all my Dwarves come from. 
No Dwarven town would be complete without a gigantic keg on the inn!

A bit further south, brings us to this lovely patch.
Someone needs to work on their landing!

Deathwing was a little pissy the day he visited, I think.

Further south, and we find Stormwind, home of the Humans.  The color coded roofs make me laugh.
Don't worry, the fog doesn't bite...hard.

Going back north, past Ironforge, we find the remnants of war: Thandol Span.  This poor bridge has been broken for seven plus years, with grim prospects for it’s future.
Talk about job security!

Across the ocean, we find the rolling plains of Mulgore, filled with multicolored wildlife.
Don't feed the birds!

Deathwing managed to flood the Thousand Needles, so now it’s more like the thousand islands.
Marco Polo, anyone?

We can also find the lush forests of Feralas.
Der's baaares in dem der woods!

Going much further north, to Northrend, I got several awesome skyscapes starring Joe and I.  First, the massive clouds of Icecrown.
Don't worry, the weather effects won't kill you!

Next, the starry skies over Dragonblight.
That tower in the background is a mountain peak thousands of feet high.

Finally, my favorite zone in the game, music wise(not that that matters in a pictolog), Grizzly Hills, with their version of the northern lights.
Looks almost as good as the real thing!

Lastly, we jump through the Dark Portal to the Outlands.
For scale, when you're right up at the portal, you can't see above the light green at the very bottom.

A lot of the zones look really neat over here, but I enjoy the sky so much, I thought I’d share.
Three moons and a sun would be overkill if it didn't look so cool.

And then I just have a couple of fun little things, taken for my amusement.

First, Joe and I flying through some random tunnelscape in Borean Tundra, I think.
We were playing tag...I lost cause I kept stopping to take pictures.

Then we have a confused baby Moonkin.
"Moonkins don't heal, silly chicken!"

And lastly, for realsies, the most adorable quest, where you collect baby Wyverns, and they follow you around for a bit.
"And I shall love them and squeeze them, and call them Squishy, and they shall be mine."

Next week, more UI elements, unless I get sidetracked again!
(All screenshots are copyright Blizzard)

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