Saturday, June 30, 2012

AGT: 6/26 Judge’s Favorites part 2

So we’re back with the back half of the judge’s favorites.  I’ll be following the same format as day one, with totals in the end.

As a reminder, my predictions are labeled as follows:
NPIV=Not performing in Vegas
NOOV=Not out of Vegas
Top 48=Made it to Top 48
NS=Not shown in the audition round

And so, we begin!

Magic Acts

Moved on
Mind reader Eric Dittleman did a trick that I still have no idea how it worked(NOOV)
Escape teen upped the showmanship with an amazing underwater escape(Top 48)

Helicopter guy made a freaking helicopter appear, but it wasn’t enough to go through(NOOV)
Justin Rivera wasn’t shown in the auditions, and had a lackluster and mistake-filled performance involving very cheap looking props made of cardboard boxes(NS)

Singing Duos

Moved on
Eric and Olivia were super cute again, even if her voice is starting to grate a tiny bit(Top 48)
Older Father/Daughter were slightly off, mostly on the father’s part, but were good enough to move on(Top 48)

Younger Father/Daughter were ‘just precious,’ but not very good(Top 48)

Comedy Acts

Moved on
Nerdy comedian had a solid set again, though I thought slightly weaker than his audition(Top 48)
Tom Cotter was just full of innuendos and the run on sentence jokes, but he made it(NOOV)

Sammy Obied apparently performed, but I don’t remember a single one of his jokes(NS)
Dave Burleigh did some impressions, did not impress(NOOV)
Kellen Erskene had a good set in auditions(I think he had the porcupine joke) but bombed in Vegas(Top 48)
Frank Roche did so terribly in Vegas they cut him on the spot, and didn’t wait for the rest of the performances(NOOV)

Kid Acts

Moved on
Mariachi Kid did his thing, again.  I think if I enjoyed that style, he’d be a great act for me(Top 48)
Spangley Pants Dancers had another tight routine, and moved on(Top 48)
Edon had a great voice as he played piano in his yarmulke, and moved on(NPIV)

Annoying little kid was annoying, some more, and apparently the judges thought so too(NOOV)
Elizabeth on the silks  was amazing again, but the judges failed to see it(NOOV)


Moved on
Love Boat guy love boated again, but somehow moved on(NPIV)
Jake Rodgers is a piano nerd, but he had a decent voice, and moved on due to lack of competition(Top 48)
Tim Hockenberry had a freaking amazing performance, I’m glad he moved on(Top 48)

Daniel Park got no screen time, and thus was eliminated(NS)
Lying Cowboy got his just desserts(NOOV)

And that was day 2!  My record for today is: 14/6/3, so much better than day one!  Overall, I’m at 24/21/8, so I’m batting over 500, yay!

Come back at 2:00 CST for the standbys, and a monster entry!

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