Thursday, June 14, 2012

America's Got Talent: 6/12

This week, we find ourselves in Tampa Bay, and saw a bunch of acts make it through.

Let’s get right into it.

Spangly pants dancers-These are the kids of the Latin dance guy that made top 10 last year.  The kids are 8-13 years old, and are very polished for their age.  Unfortunately for them, there are SOOO many good dance groups this year, so they may make it to the top 40, but probably will get cut the round before.

Cartoon Style Locker-This was a guy that was very cartoony in his locking, and I remember thinking he was decent.  Unfortunately for him, I don’t actually remember his performance.  I don’t see him getting past the first performance in Vegas.

Charlie C-This was apparently a singer.  I think I’m remembering the right guy, and if so, I was not impressed.  Won’t perform in Vegas.

Motorcycle magician-His trick was good, I can see him almost making it to the top 40, but not in.

BMX 10-This was a trick group with 10 guys on the small stage.  Their performance was meh, I don’t see them getting past Vegas.

Fake Sharon and Ozzy-Only got through based on the gimmick of dressing like Ozzy and Sharon, the actual act was pretty bad.  They won’t perform in Vegas.

Tap team/Rifle team-These were two separate teams that were glossed over.  I can’t really give an assessment of them, since I only saw them for five seconds each.

Lindsey the Acrobatic Dancer-This was a hyperactive 16 year-old.  She did a bit of dancing, and bit of flipping, and probably won’t get out of Vegas.

And that was the end of Tampa Bay!  Next week I believe is the YouTube round, so that should be interesting.

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  1. Everybody is talking about “The Untouchables” but yet no one is impressed with magic any more. I wonder why the illusionist became so boring any more. I remember being a kid and loving the magic specials on in the 80’s. My kids liked the motorcycle act. We watch every week but we start watching earlier the next evening by watching with our Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime recordings and Auto Hop feature automatic commercial skipping feature. Since we can watch commercial free, we save enough time to get to bed early, and that way I’m ready for my day of work at Dish.