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AGT: 6/27 The Stand-bys

Now, after going through an insane 53 acts in two day, we’re going to go through 43 acts in one show.  Luckily, there were two hours to plow through the massive slog that is the stand-bys.  Luckily for us, unluckily for them, the stand-bys by and large did a better job than that the Judges favorites, so what do the judges know?

Format is the same as the previous entry, but a recap of my prediction lingo:
NPIV=Not performing in Vegas
NOOV=Not out of Vegas
Top 48=Moving on to the quarterfinals
NS=Not shown in the audition round

So let’s get right to it!

Magic Acts

Moved on
Hawley Magic did a standard levitation, and very obviously at that, but the judges liked their showmanship, and they moved forward(Top 48)
Jarret and Raja made an entire orchestra appear, though it was very telegraphed as edited(Top 48)

Giani wasn’t shown in the audition rounds, and did a poor mind reading trick.  Milan is not spelled with a ‘B,’ goofball(NS)

Band Acts

Moved on
The All Ways were a generic rock band that didn’t even have the decency to sound good, but with weak competition, they moved on(NOOV)
Wordspit, the Illest still don’t make sense to me, but the judges loved them(Top 48)
The Distinguished Men of Brass impressed again and were sent to New York(Top 48)

The Hillbenders and Dillon Havons had no screen time in the auditions, and were sent packing(NS)
The Emily Anne Band sounded karaoke, and were given the boot(Top 48)

Danger Acts

Moved on
LionDanceMe had a fun costumed balancing act, and were enjoyable, to boot(Top 48)

Cliff’s Demo Team showed why a karate team can’t just show off their moves.  Every move was telegraphs, and the whole thing was rather bland(NS)
Kota Sports did tricks on scooters, which was about as lame as it sounds(NS)
Serengeti Steve’s level of difficulty was inversely proportional to his showmanship.  Who would have guessed kissing a cobra could elicit yawns?(NOOV)

Kid Acts

Moved on
Baby tapper was amazeballs again, I still can’t believe that little girl had the technical ability she does(Top 48)
Danielle Stallings had a monster voice for such a young girl, and nearly rivals Anna Gracemann, in my estimation(NS)
Unity in Motion lived up to their name, and gave a great dance routine(NOOV)

Baby Locker was another incredibly skilled tiny thing, but locking just doesn’t hold the same appeal as a more traditional performance(NS)
The Cos Fam got about as much screen time as they did in the audition rounds(NS)
Tevin McGuire sang his little heart out, but it wasn’t good enough this year(NS)
The Williams Brothers do not get special spelling treatment just cause they think it makes them more street…they were the whitest black boys since Carlton, maybe(NOOV)

Acrobatic Acts

Moved on
Donovan and Rebecca moved their act to the rafters, and pulled out a killer stunt where Rebecca held herself straight out from a rope Donovan was busily spinning madly. It was a-mah-zing(Top 48)

Summer Lacy eschewed the chain aerials for a ring, but the judges didn’t appreciate it as much as the other contestants(NOOV)
Benn Mendoza Circus attempted a retelling of Alice in Wonderland in the air that flopped horribly.  A for effort, though!(NOOV)

Rap Acts

Rob Hayes had a bad attitude, and his raps were not very good anyway(NS)
The Rhythmatist was just as terrible as he was in the audition, which was pretty much an epic fail all around(NPIV)
Svet had a decent act, but decent isn’t up to par at this stage(NOOV)
Granny G forgot the number one rule of getting older: people have no desire to see you undress, like, ever(NOOV)
Burton Crane did a ‘new’ song, if by new you mean same tune different words(NOOV)

Dance Group Acts

Moved on
LCD performed a vaguely Thriller-esque dance, and were good enough to move on(Top 48)
The Scott Brothers had a locking routine in Beethoven outfits.  Crazy, but it apparently worked(NS)
Inspire the Fire inspired more Glee comparisons, both in performance, and quality from act one to two(Top 48)

Battle Born exist, apparently(NS)
Old Shoes, New Shoes impress no one, and are one and done(NS)

Variety Acts

Moved on
David Gribaldi and his CBYK’s speedpainted Elvis. The End(Top 48)
Janitor music had another WTF performance, and yet, here we are, having to watch him in the quarterfinals(NPIV)
Rock Star Juggler upped the difficulty by doing his act in the dark, which looked cool, but it’s juggling(NOOV)
Big Barry gets nothing(NS)

Virtual Ventriloquist went in a different direction in this round, and decided to forgo the humor portion of his comedy act—a brave choice, one that got him ousted(NOOV)
Old Tappers were exceedingly cute, but just didn’t have what this show needs(NPIV)

Solo Dance Acts

Moved on
Lindsey Norton, the hyperactive acrobatic dancer put on another good show, and was rewarded(NOOV)
Elusive did his BBoy thing, apparently to great effect, though I don’t see the appeal(NOOV)
Turf was more contortionist than dancer, but his contortions were amazing(Top 48)

Stepz was also fan-freaking-tastic, but we wouldn’t have a show without Big Barry or effing Horse, so no Stepz for anyone(Top 48)

And that is the Top 48!

Let’s see how I did this time: 19/10/14, so not bad. Overall, I’m at 43/31/22, so way over 500!

Now, lets look forward slightly.
If I remember correctly, we’ll get four acts moving on from each of four quarterfinals, and then we’ll get a YoutTube show, which will give up another four hereto unseen acts, and then the judges will pull together a judges choice show, giving us another four , for a total of 24 semifinalists, so we still have a long way to go!  I think we have next week off, so quarterfinals start in a week Monday!

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