Thursday, June 7, 2012

AGT: 6/4 & 6/5

This week, we were in Austin, and had quite a selection of auditioners, so let’s get right down to it.

Mariachi Kid:  A cute little seven or eight year old that sang in a Mariachi Band.  He was decent, and a good performer.  I’m guessing I think he’ll make it to the top 40, but that’s it.

Balancing Iranians: An uncle/nephew team, where the uncle was really out of practice.  Definitely not a smooth performance, but an entertaining one, for sure.  Unless they really pick it up for the Vegas rounds, they aren’t moving on from there.

Stuttering Cowboy Singer: So this guy.  His unit was based out of Minnesota, so we got a lovely little news story on Tuesday:  He totally lied, and made the whole thing up.  Joe thinks he faltered at the end, after he made it to Vegas, and didn’t stutter, though I’m not 100% sure on that.  I had to look up spoilers on this guy, cause how could I not? Apparently, he doesn’t make it out of Vegas.

Contortionists: Exactly what you expect when you hear contortionist, right down to gender and ethnicity.  I don’t see them moving past Vegas, their act was not terribly strong, but they sure were cute.

Edan, singer: If I’m remembering the right act, this was a boy at a piano.  I think I enjoyed his act, but I don’t have a firm view of it in my head AT ALL.  I don’t see him performing in Vegas.

Sand Art Guy: Oooh, this is so awesome.  Very similar to the 2009 Ukraine Talent winner, he draws evolving stories on a light board, projected to a screen for the audience to enjoy.  I see this guy making it to the Top 10, assuming he continues telling compelling stories.

Cannonball guy: Stupid.  Stupid stupid stupid.  This act has no place to go, and will fail miserably at the producers attempts to foist a human cannonball on the American public, as he makes it to the top 40, but no further.

Light painters: Another in the dark act, but it was really neat.  If it can fend off the other lights act, it may make it to the top 40.

Eric and Olivia: Guitarist and singer, guy and girl, friend and crush, these two did an awesome cover of Moves Like Jagger, in the style of blues.  I’m thinking at least top 40, if they continue the fun interpretations, and don’t attempt an original.

Mind Reader: This guy blew the minds or the judges, that’s for sure.  The only thing I can’t figure out after a day of thinking about it is: plant or peeking?  He will perform in Vegas, but I don’t see him moving beyond, as there isn’t much room to grow.

Aerial Chains: This looked PAINFUL.  She’ll perform in Vegas, but the other silks acts will do better, only because the chains made the whole thing so jerky, and not nearly as clean and nice looking as the act would have normally. 

Jewel lite: A singer that didn’t get much screentime at all.  Performing in Vegas, but singing is such a cluster**** all the time, so not farther than that.

B-Boy Dancer: Another with very little screen time, he won’t go past Vegas either, but only because of the glut of dancers and the fact that AGT don’t know how to show dancers in general.

Creepy Contact Guy: So this goth kid comes out, right?  And he says how he’s gonna sing.  Everyone immediately assumes punk, or metal, or something equally annoying, and yet…what comes out of the speakers?  A freaking aria!  The kid is a soprano in a creepy goth body.  It surprised the judges, it surprised the audience, it surprised me!  He will make it to the top 40 for sure, but his voice isn’t THAT strong, and the better acts will move on beyond him.
And that was Austin!  Next week, mystery again, cause I fail to remember where they are going, sorry.    

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