Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 4 part 2

And the plot thickens, just as I said it would!
BMW goes for a more serious episode, showing the evils of child abuse.  The season picks up a bit after that, with some character development and funny items, like Cory’s ‘two places at once’ gambit, and a cute little Thanksgiving story.  The boys’ friendship grows stronger after a girl tries to drive them apart, and then they both almost join the mafia.  For realsies.  Shawn decides to turn Mr. Feeney’s home into a B&B, and learns a little bit about himself in the process.  Finally, Cory gets his driver’s license, and grows up a bit, after his father is able to let go just a little bit.

Eric’s dumbness has started to come to the forefront, with his terrible one-man show.  Shawn learns he’s not just the dumb sidekick, and Cory’s crotchety old man ways come up even more.

Thought I’d do the clips a little differently this week, with a mini plot synopsis with them, so enjoy!

Dangerous Secret(S4E8)-Cory gets all insecure when he discovers Shawn has a girl over, until he learns that Shawn is protecting her from her abusive father.  But of course, Cory misunderstands, and tries to push things along with Topanga, failing miserably at every turn, including the time where he can’t improvise:

Sixteen Candles and Four0hundred Pound Men(S4E9)-Cory has to be in two places at once: at Frankie Stechino's father's wrestling match, and Topanga's sweet sixteen party.  Shawn, though, has a plan to do both, and it starts and ends with the Flintstones.

Turkey Day(S4E10)-Cory and Shawn have the brilliant idea to have everyone over to Shawn’s house for Thanksgiving, with typical sitcom class issues arising at every turn. But hey, at least Morgan found a date…one that would never be heard from again.

An Affair to Forget(S4E11)-Shawn’s new girlfriend tries to break up the dynamic duo, but nothing’s gonna keep these two down.  This is the first time we really see the writers play up the friendship to be greater than the sum of it’s parts, to hilarious effect.

Easy Street(S4E12)-Cory manages to get hired on by the mob, but Shawn recognizes the ‘job’ for what it really is.  But even as he gets Cory out, he gets himself in so he can buy better presents for his family and friends.  This episode was all about the friendship, starting with a little class:

B&B’s B’n B(S4E13)-Shawn has a great idea for his econ assignment: he’s going to turn Mr. Feeney’s house into a B&B while Feeney’s away at a conference.  And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the darn cab driver!  Or, you know, the couple that stayed too long in Mr. Feeney’s bedroom, but who’s counting?

Wheels(S4E14)-Cory’s 16, and ready for a driver’s license.  Mr. Matthews has his family tradition, but Cory has other ideas.  He, Shawn and Topanga get Cory’s license first thing, leading to a huge fight, and Cory ending up in traffic court.  But not before Morgan can mercilessly mock him, of course!

And that concludes the middle section of season four!  Next time will probably be super clip heavy, because some of the greatest episodes of the series are on the back third of this season, so be ready!

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