Thursday, June 14, 2012


If you hadn’t heard, I have a political opinion.  It falls decidedly right of center, and I am not shy about showing how and why I think.

There are many people that call themselves moderates, or centrists.  They may not deviate as far as I do from center, but they have issues that will pull them one way or the other.

There are other people that are decidedly leftist. They are just as far from the center to the left as I am to the right.

Everyone falls into one of these categories.  EVERYONE.  There is not one single person on the planet earth that is completely devoid of opinion.

Why is this important?

Because knowing where a person falls on the political spectrum helps other people relate to that person, and helps them know if any opinions they may espouse are being influenced by anything.

Fully embracing, fully owning,  your biases is not a bad thing, because what you believe informs everything you do.

I think that is why so many people are pulling away from the mainstream media, or MSM.

Ask any journalist on one of the major networks, and they will tell you they are being completely subjective, and their political believes don’t inform how they report.  The obvious slant in their reporting is just a figment of your imagination, they’d tell you.

But if they were to just admit they have political opinion, I think more people would flock back to them.  As an example, I look at Fox News.  Fox News fully embraces the fact that it’s reporters and commentators have opinions, and look how many people watch it.  It’s not even that it’s only conservatives, either.   Because the viewers know how the political opinions fall, they can use that to color how they hear the news, and know how a particular piece may be skewed.

In short: tell us your biases, major news networks, we’ll still like you, I promise!

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