Friday, June 29, 2012

SYTYCD: 6/27

And now, we move to So You Think You Can Dance to discover the top 20!

There are 35 dancers still in play, and of the 15 that were cut, I knew exactly zero of them, so I’ll just be discussing the ones that made it through, with their dances.

First, we get no-emote Alexa,  George who we never met, but is apparently really strong, Will  who is a giant, and Sasha lite Amber.  They dance to a Tyce routine, fully contemporary with lots of spins and jumps and things, and one throw into George’s arms.  It was a good routine, a theme that will flow through the evening.

Next, we moved onto the ballroom dancers, where we find Nick who cries, and Whitney.  She is followed immediately by Lindsey, who the judges tried to fake out, but we as the audience were not fooled, these two have been featured heavily on the run-up, and are both fantastic.  They perform a Jason Gilkinson latin routine, which only looks a little weird with three.  It is super intense, and very fun.

Then, we found the classically trained dancers, Eliana, Daniel, and Chehon, who, again, are all fabulous.  Eliana had a pointy skirt that actually injured her partners, and the routine was fabulous again.  I think the dancers have less nerves than normal, plus they are in their own style, so each routine has been phenomenal.

We then moved onto Jazz, where we met Tiffany and Audrey, and got reacquainted with Janelle the belly dancer.  Janelle actually got sick prior to the performance, and so didn’t in the live show actually perform.  The other two danced in a Sonja Teyha  routine that was great again, some more.

A season of SYTYCD wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of contemporary dancers, so we meet Matthew, Darian, and Janea for the first time.  We also see Amelia the silent film wannabe with random fodder #12, and see Amelia get in as the last girl.  We get a Stacey Tookey routine that is super enjoyable.  I am really feeling like a broken record on these, but I really can’t even describe them, they need to be watched to be understood, I think.

Finally, we find our final boys, all with very specialized styles.  Cole is the martial arts fusion guy that wasn’t totally full of himself.  Brandon is one of two steppers that made it to the top 35, but the only one to make it through.  Finally, we have Cyrus, an animator/locker that really doesn’t have the skills to be here, but is so freaking amazing at what he does that he couldn’t be left behind.  They do a baseball inspired routine by Christopher Scott that incorporates all of their styles in, and was really really good.

We then moved onto the Top Ten girls, and their Travis Wahl routine featuring a large grey door was ethereal and beautiful, if a tad bit hard to see due to the spotlight inexplicably shining straight into the camera for some reason.

Next were the Top Ten boys, dancing with Sonja.  Though they aren’t as technically proficient as the girls, their physicality and fearlessness more than made up for it with the fight-inspired moves.

Lastly, we had a Mia Michaels routine featuring the entire top twenty with an industrial routine that looked fantastic, again.  With such a huge group, it was hard to spot any standouts, though Amelia’s pale legs were easy to spot.

Next week is no new show, so we’ll find our first eliminations starting on the 11th!

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