Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 4, part 1

Ahh, I was right!  Season four was when our favorite high schoolers really started getting into mischief, and we loved them all the more.

We started with a road-tripping Cory and Eric, and when they are three hours from home, Eric makes a detour, frustrated his life has gone nowhere, and determined to stay in his new favorite town.  He’s eventually persuaded to come home, and the story gets going in full.

Cory’s neuroses are in full display now, from a overreaction to his appearance, and how he compares to Topanga, to a major freakout when his dad quits his job at the grocery store, to the first appearance of Cory as an old Jewish man when he gets tonsillitis, and Shawn tried to convince him he’s going to disappear.

The main arcs of this season get set up in these first few episodes, with Amy purchasing a sporting goods store for Alan, to Cory and Topanga getting into a groove with their relationship.  Shawn’s mother returns after a year plus of being on the run, and the Hunter’s learn to be a family again, with Shawn adjusting to his dad being the janitor at his school.

There are so many funny moments, I won’t be able to cover them all, but I’m going to try!

You Can Go Home Again(S4E1)
Cory and Eric are driving along, and Cory waxes philosophical about Topanga, again:

“That Farmhouse, there.”

Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow(S4E2)
Cory avoids the mirror

“Also good…also good…MOVE!”

Topanga gets her hair styled, and is a changed woman


I Ain’t Gonna Spray Lettuce No More(S4E3)
Mr. Feeney reveals a bit about his personal life

Cory’s gonna be an accountant!

Fishing For Verna(S4E4)
Herman Stechino is shamefaced

Cory has a good idea, for once.

Shallow Boy(S4E5)
Topanga babysits a little boy that likes a certain show with a curly headed boy…too bad it was moved to after his bedtime


Cory and Topanga won’t have kids for a long time with that attitude

Darn that Eric…

Janitor Dad(S4E6)
Why yes, he is a Grizzly Adams type, I suppose

Merchant of deaaaaaa


Singled Out(S4E7)
Negative Negative Dad

The first instance of the Feeney call

Next week:  more season four as the plot thickens!

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