Friday, June 29, 2012

AGT: 6/25 Vegas Day 1

Ahh, yay, Vegas!  There are sooo many to go through, I am going to split this into three posts over today and tomorrow.  I managed to sort through my predictions in the earlier rounds, and have matched them up to performances when I can.  I’ve made some abbreviations to make it quicker:

NPIV-No performing in Vegas
NOOV-Not out of Vegas
NS-Not Shown
Top 48-To the top 48

That being said, here we go!

Six acts were not asked to perform again, three moved on automatically, and three were cut without performing again.

Earth Harp exceeded my expectation, and moved directly to New York(NOOV)
Many Dogs Show were surprised to not be on a list, but they made it on as well(Top 48)
Human Cannonball was sent directly on as well, though maybe because they didn’t want to set up again(Top 48)
Wobbly Balancers got cut without performing(NOOV)
Charlie C was also cut short(NPIV)
Ivy Rose, the girl band didn’t get to perform either(NOOV)

We then moved onto the judge’s favorites, separated into categories:

Danger Acts

Moved on
All Wheel Sports had an interesting act(NS)
BMX 10 did as well(NOOV)
Cylinder Balance guy’s act didn’t show much growth, but the judges liked him(NOOV)
Crossbow guy upped the ante, and the judges agreed(NOOV)

Rifle team had no screen time previously, and were summarily cut after a neat looking act(NS)

Female Singer

Moved on
Nikki Jensen had a good voice, and terrible competition(NOOV)

Mary Joyner and Luna were two separate acts that both bombed after being shown in the auditions(NOOV)
Roxy Doll, Brianna Pierce, and Cecilia Detweiler didn’t impress, and had no screen time prior(NS)

Dance Groups

Moved on
All That, who shouldn’t be eligible, apparently impressed again(NOOV)
787 had a major mishap, but still moved on despite it(NOOV)

Funk Beyond Control had crazy animal costumes, but it wasn’t enough to send them through(NOOV)
Loyalty were all talk, but kind of loose moves that didn’t impress(Top 48)

Variety Acts

Moved on
Effing Horse can diaf, but he’s on(NPIV)
Drag Queen sang terribly in a tacky outfit but (s)he’s on(NPIV)
Sand Artist was awesome, as usually, and is on(Top 48)
Dog Ventriliquist didn’t really change, but was funny(Top 48)
Light Wire had a fun little dino versus flower act, and moved forward(Top 48)
Aurora Light Painters has kind of a crazy presentation, but it is very cool looking, so onward(Top 48)

Classical Singers

Soprano Andrew epic failed, and only sang about three notes, and thus is gone(Top 40)
Simply Sergio was kind of all over the place, but nowhere where he needed to be(NPIV)
Luiz didn’t bring it either, and got the boot(Top 40)

So for day one, I am 10/15/4.  So, what what have we learned?  I am not a good predictor.  Come back tomorrow for day two and three!

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