Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Melissa Meets Boy: Season 4, part 3

And the season wraps up with some of the most powerful episodes of the series.  There is a lot of growing up going on, especially with Shawn and Eric.  Our main group is getting ready for senior year, with lots of SAT studying going on, but Topnaga’s parents try to throw a huge wrench in the plans.  Eric tries to find a path in life, and may have found what he needs.  And Shawn…oh Shawn.  Girls, cults, life changing experiences, he had it all.  Let’s get onto the recaps proper.

Chick Like Me(S4E15)-Cory has decided he wants to be a journalist, and, after hearing about the book Black Like Me, wants to write an article about the female perspective.  Since he is a terrible girl, he has Shawn do it, and it is glorious.  Shawn goes on a date with a grabby guy, and learns just what it is it looks like he does from a girls’ perspective.  Also:  one of my most quoted lines ever.  It’s great.

A Long Walk To Pittsburgh, part 1(S4E16)-Topanga’s parents have decided to move to Pittsburg, taking her with them.  In this first of a two-parter, Cory finds this news out after Eric sees Shawn comforting Topanga with a hug and innocent kiss on the cheek.  It is terribly emotional, but with the typical BMW humor.

 A Long Walk To Pittsburgh, part 2(S4E17)-Cory has been moping around, thinking about Topanga 100% of the time, comparing himself to Romeo & Juliet. Then, Topanga makes a rain-soaked appearance at their back door, and Cory makes the following impassioned speech, which convinces his mother to convince Topanga’s aunt, played by the original Juliet(callback!) that Topanga would be better off staying in Philadelphia for her senior year, yay!

Uncle Daddy(S4E18)-This Eric-centered episode is all about him growing up again, some more.  Eric is dating a woman with a six year old.  He thinks he is ready for it, but realizes in the end that he has a lot more growing up to do.  Oh, and Shawn is having major brain malfunctions studying for the SAT’s.

Quiz Show(S4E19)-Cory and Shawn have accompanied Topanga to the taping of High School Quiz Show, but the producers realize that there are more viewers to be had by dumbing down the show a bit, and having prettier contestants.  But will our main crew realize the necessity of a good education?  Of course they will, this is Boy Meets World, where issues are almost always resolved in 22 minutes!  (Not that I’m complaining or anything!)

Security Guy(S4E20)-The second Eric-centered episode in three shows, Eric does something stupid, and Mr. Matthews fires him from the sports store.  Eric learns his lesson again, not to take the easy way out, and takes the SAT’s with our main group, who had been taking a prep course with Mr. Feeney.

Cult Fiction(S4E21)-Oh, my goodness.  One of the most gut-wrenching episodes of the entire series.  Shawn is feeling a little empty inside, and gets lured into a cult.  No amount of begging or pleading from his actual loved ones can get him out, but Mr. Turner getting in a motorcycle accident really sheds some light on things for Shawn.  The following is maybe the best four and a half minutes of BMW.

Learning to Fly(S4E22)-Eric is going on a college interview at a safe bet school, and brings Cory and Shawn with him.  After a near run-in with a co-ed, Cory shows his devotion yet again for Topanga, and helps Eric get the confidence he needs to ace his interview and get into Pennbrooke, a school we’ll be seeing a lot of in season six and seven.

And that was season 4!  A lot of changes, growing up, and amazing moments lead us into season five, and even more great moments.  See you next week for more BMW!

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