Friday, June 1, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance: 5/30

This week saw the show on Wednesday, with another two hour block, this time in LA

There were only a couple of memorable dancers this time, though a whole lot got through.

The Twins: These 32 year old(read:too old to audition) twins got a full pre audition segment, and a bunch of banter with the judges.  I can kind of see what the guy from last week was saying.  They don’t have a lot of time with the people that do qualify, and yet they spend tons of time on people we will never see again.  That would totally rankle me as well.  Anyway, they were fabulous, and annoying, and I was ready for them to be off my screen almost right away, but the producers must have loved them, because see above.

Sam kicked from home: Sam had a sob story of how her mother didn’t appreciate her dancing, and kicked her out of the house six months prior, so now she is living with a friend, and boo-hoo poor little rich girl who obviously wasn’t telling the whole story.  Anyway, she danced into choreography, and on to Vegas.

Megan w/mom: In direct contract, we had Megan and her mom, who apparently divorced the dad for Megan’s dance career?  That doesn’t sound right…but that’s what the show made it sound like.  Another good dancer off to Vegas.

Karate guy: This guy melded martial arts with dance, and the judges lapped it up, saying he was one of the first to really do it right.  He did look pretty freaking awesome, I must admit.  He’s off to Vegas, obvs.

Ring Dancer: He had amazing control of his ring, but no real dance talent to speak of, and so he bowed out during the learn choreography stage, and he and his ring rolled off into the sunset.

Red headed ballet dancer: Another amazingly controlled dancer with tons of emotion during his dance.  He almost threw it all away by going for the whacky to start, but Nigel saw through it, and called him out to do a traditional piece after, and he got sent straight to Vegas.

There were a few others that went on, though they were only glossed over: Tapper, Sasha Lite, and Comtemporary guy#38321, and a few who didn’t really do a lot for me: Alexa, who made it to the green mile last year, and Elianna, the stripper pole dancer, and lastly, Johnny Waacks, who didn’t make it through, but was entertaining for what he was, an arm-spinner guy.

And that was LA!  Next week is Atlanta and Dallas, I think.

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