Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bunheads(S1E3): Inherit the Wind

So we jump right in this week to Fanny and Michelle discussing with Hubble’s lawyer friend the details of Michelle inheriting everything.

Fanny basically passive-aggressively guilts Michelle through the whole episode, making sure it was ‘legal’ for her to use all the different things in the house.  It got kind of old after a whole, I really hope Michelle turns a bit more assertive as the series goes on.  As it was, Michelle kind of half-heartedly tried to assuage Fanny from going into her little tirades, but never succeeded in stopping her once.  Fanny went into a right tizzy when one of the ballet girl’s mothers came over to basically scare Michelle into selling the house, due to all the work she’d have to put into it.

We did, though, get to have a tour of the acreage, and boy was there a lot.  There were lakes, a river, tons of structures, and just as many problems.  After Michelle had about enough, she found Hubble’s meticulously restored convertible, and takes it for a ride.

Of course, she breaks it, and pulls off to get a tow.  And of course, when the tow guys gets there, they have a clusterfarg due to her turning into a private driveway, and thus, he can’t tow the car until it is off the private drive, unless he has permission to be on there.  Michelle goes up to the top of the exceptionally long driveway, and meets Bill, who really isn’t Bill, but I can’t remember his name…though Bill is what everyone in town knows him as, so I think I’m safe.

Anyway, gorgeous house, nice guy, blah blah blah.  Michelle and he banter for a while until he lets her know he has a date coming, so not awkward at all to have another woman in his house, could you leave now?
She does, and finally has the guts to let Fanny know how things are going to work, namely, that Michelle is going to stay in the guest house, which is terribly whimsical, what with it’s bathtub in the middle of the floor.
In other town news, Ginny, the short blond bunhead, has the real estate mom, who is a bit overbearing, but nice enough, Boo’s mom is like Sookie 2.0, and Sasha’s mom is a cold bitch.  Oh, and Boo has another characteristic come up: she’s a good friend, even if Sasha totally takes it the wrong way.

I’m still enjoying this show, but I’m kind of worried it’s because I can see the Gilmore Girls skeleton in it, and not on it’s own merits.  Definitely going to keep watching, because I think it can pull out into good for it’s own sake, I’m just hoping other people feel the same.

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