Friday, June 22, 2012

SYTYCD: 6/20

Ahh, Vegas week.  We went from 181 dancers to 35 dancers in the course of an hour, so not a whole lot of people got a big chunk of time devoted to them, though there was two narratives running through the show:  Alexa can’t emote, and holy hell, Cyrus.  We had eight rounds to go through, and I have notes for most of them.

There were a ton of dancers that went flying through this round, though there were a couple of spotlights:  the exorcist guy, who was just as awesome as in his audition, and the belly dancer girl, who used a gigantic gold cape thing.

Hip Hop
This round caught a lot of the pop and lockers, which is surprising, including two of the three dragon house guys(Cyrus was the only one to make it through).  It also claimed the old mom dancer, and praying mantis guy.

No notable cuts here, though we do hear of Alexa failing at emoting, and Teddy, who I think I’m supposed to know, but actually have no clue, is leaving FOREVER.  I think(hope) this means he won’t be auditioning for SYTYCD again, cause I have no need for whiners, thanks.

Shafik is unhappy int his round, complaining about all sorts of different things, but all it amounts to is he can’t do the routine, gets cut, and finally bleeped all the way out the door.  His partner, Danielle of the many bacons, tried to keep his spirits up, but wasn’t able to in the end.  “Sexy girl” Rachel gets cut, but begs for her (dancing) life, and is granted a dance for your life solo at the end of the round, along with Silent movie Amelia.  Danielle actually comes back to help another dancer, and manages to get kicked in the head for her effort, and has to go to the hospital, cutting into the next round rehearsal. 

Oh, “Sexy Girl” Rachel gets cut for being all sex no substance, but Amelia makes it through.

Bacon Danielle, as I said previously, was in the hospital for the first two hours of group rehearsal, and thus had to barge in on a group.  When they performed, the judges didn’t like the performance overall, and cut her and one other guy.  Bit unfair, but she didn’t fight for it, so whatever.  Oh, and Cyrus was in her group, and made it through, though he felt survivor’s guilt just a bit.  Pink streak girl has great group choreography, and they all make it through after calling her a ‘young Mia Michaels,’ which, meh.  Oh, and Alexa fails at emoting, again, some more.

And then the young Mia Michaels, little Miss pink streak herself, get cut, and has a major meltdown, which was pretty much ridiculous.  Though apparently, the cha-cha brings out the emotion in Alexa, cause the choreographer liked ‘her personality,’ which was hilarious to me.  Cyrus was again sent to dance for his life.  Zombie guy finally made an appearance, and was surprisingly amazing at ballroom, so that’s cool.  And Cyrus makes it through on an amazing solo, as per usual.

This was the second to last round, and the judges decided to hold the cuts until the end, to make sure they had a good mix, I suppose.  The people we’ve been watching most of the night, Cyrus, Alexa, Amelia, a couple of ballroom SLC girls, the belly dancer, the Swiss ballet dance, and poor man’s Sasha are through.  Zombie guy is gone, as well as the white krumper girl, which made me sad.

Final Solo
We only see Alexa and Swiss ballet guy Chehon perform(amazeballs), and then get to a couple more cuts.  Adrian Lee is the only one of note, he of the “Mary Murphy came to my house to cut me in season seven” fame.

So we have 35 people left, wanting to fill 20 spots.  Next week, we find our top twenty, and see the first performance of the group.  I am so freaking excited, this is great.

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