Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 12: The big weekend!

Well, it's here!

I'm in the middle of the MS150 as I write this, with the first day being completed.

I managed 51 miles today, and have 75 more tomorrow, though I HIGHLY doubt I'll get it, the temps are expected to be excessive, and I a totally worn out from today.  However, I want to at least get to what I rode last year, so I need 33 miles, which may be doable.

Check my Facebook for updates as I can get them sent!

Week 12(June 3-June 9) totals:   61 miles
Week 11(May 27-June 2) totals: 0 miles
Week 10(May 20-26) totals:      16 miles
Week 9(May 13-19) totals:        16 miles
Week 8(May 6-May 12) totals:  30 miles
Week 7(April 29-May 5) totals: 36 miles
Week 6(April 22-28) totals:         0 miles
Week 5(April 15-21) totals:       12 miles 
Week 4(April 8-14) totals:         12 miles
Week 3(April 1-7) totals:           32 miles
Week 2(March 25-31) totals:    18 miles
Week 1(March 18-24) totals:    26 miles

Total: 259 miles

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